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Meet PlantLife Expert Nicole Larson

Meet PlantLife Expert Nicole Larson

PlantLife believes plant coaches are the new personal trainers. 

That's why we’ve partnered with SuperPeer to make it easy for consumers to book virtual house calls with plant experts from around the world. Widening the circle, Plantfluencers Nicole Larson @nicolelarsongrows have joined PlantLife to help plant parents thrive.

Like many of her generation, Nicole Larson first began collecting plants after bringing home her first cactus. Soon she found herself bringing home an aloe, then a monstera, more cacti, succulents, and more monsteras. Quickly, one by one, her apartment began filling up with more and more plants. That wasn't the only thing that was growing. Nicole's knowledge of taking care of her plants grew as she connected with others and watched videos from experts and enthusiasts online.

"Caring for houseplants isn't as easy as it seems. Plant talk helps. I'm excited to be able to connect directly to other plant people on PlantLife because collectively sharing our knowledge will make us all better plant parents."

 Monstera Plant Co. | Terracotta Wall Art Set

“I'm a big believer in waiting for your plants to be screaming at you before doing anything.” 

Soon Nicole began creating and posting videos of her journey to become a successful plant parent. Since purchasing her first cactus, Nicole has made over 270 plant care videos and built a TikTok following of over 166K, and 3.3M likes. Nicole's monstera care guide on TikTok has over 26K views. Her TikTok post confessing that she puts pasta water in her monsteras went viral with over 1.3M views to date. Nicole has built this amazing community because she is funny, intelligent, highly entertaining, and genuine. She connects easily with other plant people.

 Where Are We Growing Podcast 

“Each week, we discuss a planty topic that you can listen along to and join our journey of growth!"

One of the plant people she connected with locally in her home state of Minnesota was Brandon Bennett. Brandon founded  with lifelong friend and business partner Samantha. Together they run the Monstera Plant CompanyBrandon considers himself a 'plantaholic,' and when he met Nicole, they found that they both shared a love of plants for their beauty and the overall mental wellness plants bring into each of their lives. Together they wanted to share this passion, so Nicole and Brandon launched the podcast Where Are We Growing

Nicole and Brandon's podcast discusses monstera care and more in their Where Are We Growing weekly podcast. From 'Wilting and Browning and Drooping, Oh My! to Beginner Plant Parent Tips to Growing in Small Spaces

Download the PlantLife App and follow @nicolelarsongrows. You can also book a PlantLife x Superpeer session with Nicole to help you become a better plant parent.  




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