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Meet Artist & Writer Brian Rea

Meet Artist & Writer Brian Rea

When artist Brian Rea decided to leave Los Angeles last year and move to Sweden to be closer to his wife’s family, he had to give away almost a hundred houseplants that couldn’t make the journey with them. Since then, he’s been dreaming of all of the plants he loved and had to leave behind. 

To celebrate the launch of PlantLife we’ve created a collaboration rooted in plant love.


Photo: Tony Pinto

Brian is an award-winning illustrator, producing drawings and paintings for books, magazines, murals, fashion, and film projects worldwide. His work has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Barcelona at the Fundació Joan Miro. He is an Adjunct Professor at Art Center College of Design and a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale. Most notably Brian is the primary illustrator for NYT’s ‘Modern Love’. 

Together, we’re cultivating an online community where people and plants thrive.




Let's Get Growing!




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